assalamualaikum, readers :)
twenty six. this year is my year. Maybe it is too soon to say that because it is only June. But.....Alhamdulilah, alhamdulilah, so many good things happen this year. The dua that I've made when I was at my lowest times, got answered this year. I am thankful for that. Super thankful. 
Firstly, I fell in love with my job, being a Teacher Assistant on this special needs path even though, it made me exhausted some days but it made me happy. Secondly, I finally had my solo trip to Hong Kong came true. It wasn't that scary maybe because HK was similar like SG but I was glad that I did that. Thirdly, I went on a volunteer trip in the month of Ramdhan and made new friends. This shall be my beginning for volunteer trips. To more of that! Fourthly, to be part of Big Mouth Production. :P 
soooooo just now, I had a phone call conversation with my bonda. She made a prayer and said, "Ya, allah, please let me see my grand children or please let me see my fav…

Hong Kong Day 2-4.

assalamualaikum, readers! 
Day 2 post for Hong Kong is finally here. The month has been hectic as Ramadhan is here and also, in between, I run out of energy fast as it was spent at work with the kids. Back to this, basically, Day 2 was just Disneyland. The rides are mostly family friendly meaning more kiddy rides than thrilling rides. I have never been to Disneyland so I decided to start my first Disneyland Journey in Hong Kong. And, ohh, when you saw the train to Disneyland, you know you were going to a magical place. The insides of the train were cute too. From the handles, to the statues and even their windows, how can I not fall in love? 
10 April 2018

Hong Kong Disneyland Lantau Island, Hong Kong $88 via Klook App.
The park was big and thus, lots of walking. Upon reaching, I knew that I really want to eat the Mickey Mouse waffle as I had been seeing on other people instagram and no, it was not that extraordinary waffle that had fireworks in your mouth, it was just for trying it ou…

Hong Kong, Day 1.

assalamualaikum, readers! 
Alhamdulilah! I finally went Hong Kong for my first solo trip (besides JB) after 2 years of planning. I should have gone longer but its okay, I can always come back and explore the rest of Hong Kong. I went from 9-12 April 2018. It felt so surreal that I broke down when I was at the HK airport. I was happy that it came true.

If you followed me on Instagram, you might have saw my ig stories/posts about my whereabouts. I was too excited and I showed off way too much. I am sorry if you were feeling bummed out in sg and there I was showing off. I had no intention of doing it.

Back to this, I researched a lot. But, I knew that I wanted to hike. Something that I don't do in Singapore but other countries. I just wanted that experience. Therefore, let me put it here for my memories sake.

9 April 2018

Flight to Hong Kong via Scoot: 6.05am

I booked my first Grab Hitch. Thank god, my cousin & brother told me to do advance booking because it was a lot cheaper th…

You Are Loved.

Photo Credits: WeHeartIt
assalamualaikum, readers.
Last Wednesday(21/3), I attended a talk. Motivational talk by Ustaz Mizi Wahid (Safinah Institute). The title was You Are Loved: 7 Things To Remember. We tend to feel less of ourselves. We feel unloved often. We feel lonely. We weren't confident of ourselves, physically and mentally. We questioned our own existence in this world. We pretended to be happy but the truth was we were sad. 
Self-love is something we struggled often. It was our battles. It may be something we actually talk to people or it may be unspoken. Therefore, I will share with you the notes I wrote and may this be a benefit to you who feel unloved. 
Firstly, you need to know the difference between THINK & KNOW. THINK is people who do not have confidence in themselves basically they are unsure. Thus, when they are unsure, they become insecure of themselves. Making them feel they are not worth of anything.
But for KNOW, you are confident of yourself. You know …

Roadtrip 2017.

assalamualaikum, readers!
after much procrastination, I have decided to finally upload the full video here. No I am not a video editor pro. I rely on apps to edit them. And it is for memories sake. Nothing more. It will make me look back at the jokes we laughed, the heart-to-heart talks, the meals we shared and so on. I had been looking forward for the trip last year. 
The main highlight of the whole trip is to actually quene for kuih keria for TWO hours. Actually no la, it was the heart-to-heart talk at the balcony. It was that one question that trigger. And I exposed my inner shits to them. And thanks to that, I safely can say that I no longer have them thoughts. Not no longer, I do have them but rarely. 
after all of that sharing, it makes me want to embrace them in my arms and tell them that I love them even more. It will not make me love them any lesser. :) 
that's all! enjoy the video! :)

Late Night Rants.

assalamualaikum, readers. 
there are so much happy vibes going on. two of my good friends are getting married this year. Like I am so happy. Nabilah is getting married in March while Farhana, in October. I think I am over that phase where I also want to get married because my friends are getting married. Get me? 
I mean when I told my family about it, let's say, "ibu, my friends are getting married! I am so happy for them." And they will be like, "why are you so happy? It is not as if you are getting married what!" Oh my Allah! Why can't I be happy for them? Why can't you just say nice things? I really truly feel happy for them. The fact they asked me whether they make the right choice or not. Even so, they don't need to but they did because they want to. I know they have make the right choice because I have hang out with Nabilah's Fiance before and even though, I've met Farhana's fiance once, I know that they will take good care of eac…

Introduction to Backpacking.

Assalamualaikum, readers! I apologizeeeeee for not blogging anymore. I am back now in 2018! I will try to keep blogging more.  Apologies for that matter. This time I am back with something that I want to share.  I attended a 1-day workshop just now.  It is called "Introduction to Backpacking " by The Tudung Traveller Academy or she is known as Atikah Amalina.  All of the things I shared below were notes I jot down. Once I receive a pdf file from her or according to her an e-book, I will share with you the additional notes, alright?  Here it goes: 5 Things when choosing a Backpack
1. Size - litres
Maximum 50litres, you don't need too much unless you are going up the mountain. 2. Access - Top-loading/U-Zip
Top Loading is the one you bukak from the top. U-Zip is like opening a suitcase which is much more easier to arrange your items.  Recommended to buy: U-Zip3. Straps - Hip Belt
Make sure it is padded not netted.
Use of it: the weight of your bag will transfer from your s…