Saturday, June 18, 2016

Life After Diploma.

assalamualaikum, readers. :)
I am still figuring it out. It sure to be sucks to be having a part-time job which I don't even know what will happen to me cause they didn't tell me what happened.

You know the lost feeling of not able to do something. When people ask me, "zu, what are you doing now?" I used to say, "still figuring it out. So staying home now and do a part time job." They will reply, " you mean the kids craft job? Why don't you be a teacher or pre school teacher?"
I thought of that too but my distraction level is the same as them. 5 minutes, I am out. In fact, faster than them. I get helpless easily. And fidgets a lot. (Maybe because too much of fidgets) hahahaha. Inside joke sorry!

And now, I say that I am taking a break. Surviving on the current job. If you have any one off event job, please email me at thank you. Need it a lot thanks.

Also, I am starting soon on the SIM production which starts officially on the 3rd week of july. Yes, looking forward to it. Hehehehe. Will fill you in the details once I start rehearsing. I am also trying hard on my side. Sending resumes and all. Gotta keep doing it. Just taking a small break before resuming it again.  May allah ease my affairs. Amin! 

Please pray for me okay? May I get a job that pays me good and also that I enjoy. The second one is important. Challenging but I enjoy doing it, okay?

Thank you for reading it. And may this ramadhan be a good month for all of you!

With love,
 SZulaikha. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Diploma Graduation 2016.

assalamualaikum, readers!

I have officially graduated from Republic Polytechnic with a Diploma!!  Alhamdulilah.
And here is a thank you post for everyone I am going to mention. Spare me for this post hor. Cause I have been waiting for graduation day since forever. Okay and here it is!

Thank you to:

1. Ayah & Ibu: 
Despite you not knowing the school system, what I studied and the modules I had to repeat, both of you still give me support even though you made fun of me sometimes. You were there ibu to tell me its okay when I saw 'F' on my result slip. You told me to be strong every time I failed. Thank you for that support ibu! Your hugs during the times I needed it made it all better!

For ayah, thank you for still believing in me! And giving me green light to do degree in the future. I know your desire to complete your studies but you couldn't due to financial reasons. Someday, Ayah, I will make that dream of yours come true! Meanwhile, lets make your other dream come true first! Bukan kahwin lagi satu la, pergi haji la. Mudah-mudahan allah setuju! 

2. Year 4(s)

I knew how shattered your hearts were when our batch graduated last year. I knew how hard the year was for us but we made it. We finally made it. Despite what people said about us, we finally graduated. Wipe your tears and keep on persevering. May this become a lesson and also motivation for you to succeed in life! all the best for NS(guys) and your future endeavours! 

3.  Pentas Karyawan

Be it the seniors or juniors batch, whoever you are, you've made my 4 years in school, worthwhile. All the productions and stage moments we shared, are deeply appreciated. They are some who have drifted apart and there are some that I am still in contact with. Still, I appreciate each presence with good or bad memories that comes together with it. I am glad that this is over and I realize that there are things that you sacrificed and it might not be worthwhile. And people do not appreciate your sacrifices at all. And to the juniors, thanks for being my kiddos that I love and adore. Thank you for the grad gift board(you know who you are). The mrt rides, the small talks we had, every single thing, zu will not forget! Thank you a million times! 

4. Friends, Mostly, my girlfriends! 

Without their support and motivation, I may not pull through the 4 years. Their constant care and reminder. Alhamdulilah for them. Thank you for being there for me all the time! Friends that always remind me that I have to graduate. Friends that become my sidekicks! :) their kind words through texts. them asking me about everything!

5. Happy Pills
We got closer due to one incident. And we got even closer after that. That kept my whatsapp busy. That can have more than 1 topic discussed at 1 time. That motivates me when I needed it. That I can hug and kiss without being embarrassed except for shahril! HAHAHA. That got me scored a big brother, elder sister, a twin plus 6 younger sisters. HAHAHA. always love you. always. fillah. 

Thus, this marks the end of my polytechnic education of 4 years. Finally, releasing this post! 

Official Graduation Stage Photos

Post-Graduation Photoshoot

till then,
thanks for reading it! 

with love, 

PS: Photos for the photoshoot are taken from Shariffah Nadia's Google Plus! 


Monday, May 23, 2016

For now.

assalamualaikum, readers.(:

I am currently at work. Yes, 6 months contract. Just 6 months. To think back, it was a bad move because I just graduated from polytechnic and supposed to work full-time with a legit pay, cpf and whatnot. But, I still accept it because I am sure that there are reasons or what I believed is HIKMAH, behind everything that happened.

Since I chose to do this, let's do it and end it with a bang! Ever since started working, I've been really tired and exhausted. I told myself that I am giving call centre a last chance because I believe in giving chances. Actually more to explore what I can do best and expand from there. But I decided that call centres isn't for me any more so this shall be my last. Promise with pinky finger!

I've always wanted to open a business. Well, not fashion related because there are way too many insta shops and whatnot! So I want to open a shop that sells mugs. Handmade mugs. With my own hands. Design it on my own too. That's why I wanted to learn photo shop so that I can design the mugs myself.

And of course, all of these needs money so I plan to work full-time first. Put enough money for CPF. In case, I want to get married and buy a house. And also feed my travel needs. HAHAHA. Plus, maybe learn clay art along the way. And photo shop but I have my cousins to teach me that. So yay!

Yeahh and ohhh, I actually wants to work in Malaysia, for their events. Like they had way more events than us and more happenings! I wonder where should I start looking for it man, HAHAHA. The experience there are way crazier than ours. The music scene and festivals so if you have any contacts or anything that is related to it, please let me know, thank you!

Okay, that's the update for now! I will upload the graduation post soon! I did not forget that hor!

till then,